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Green Hell VR Launches On PC

Incuvo’s PC VR port of jungle survival game, Green Hell, is out now.

A launch trailer for the game debuted at the Upload VR Showcase today. Green Hell VR of course already released on Quest 2 earlier in the year, and we were big fans of that version. The PC VR edition, though, is a little different.

Green Hell VR PC Launch Trailer

On Quest, developer Incuvo stripped back the original flatscreen game to fit on the standalone headset. The result was a smartly scaled game, and one of our favorites of the year so far. But today’s PC VR release translates the entire original game to VR. The original map and set of structures is all included, with motion controls implemented too.

It’s essentially the original survival game in VR, then. You’ll need to maintain your character’s health and sanity as you hunt for food, fend off predators and search for a means of escape.

We don’t have a final review for you today but, rest assured, we’ve been playing this version of the game and will look to deliver those impressions very soon. Incuvo also says it’s bringing the experience to PSVR in some form next year, which likely means some kind of PSVR 2 version, if we’re lucky.

Are you going to be picking up Green Hell VR? Let us know in the comments below!

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