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Green Hell VR Gameplay Clips Hint At Deep Interactivity

Green Hell VR Gameplay Clips Hint At Deep Interactivity

The first Green Hell VR gameplay hints at deep interactivity for headset users.

Developer Incuvo (which is handling the port of the Creepy Jar original), has posted a bunch of clips of the game onto its official website, but one fan has gone ahead and compiled them into a trailer we’ve posted below. Take note that some of the clips are taken from the original game – head to the website to find the VR-specific ones.

Green Hell VR Gameplay

Green Hell has a lot of elements that will be familiar to survival game fans: players get stranded in a jungle and have to live off the land, foraging from plants and hunting animals. In VR, however, each of these actions has been reconsidered with motion controls in-mind. The clips show players cutting down trees with the physical actions, for example, and aiming a bow and arrow with their two hands.

Plants, meanwhile, can be plucked from the ground and, when you knock down coconuts from trees, they must be cracked open with a weapon. All-in-all this looks like it’s shaping up to be a pretty considered port, and we can’t wait to get our hands on it.

Green Hell is set to release on PC VR first in the near future, with an Oculus Quest version following later in 2021. Green Hell itself was just announced for consoles, but no word yet on if a PSVR port might be on the cards.

What do you make of the first Green Hell VR gameplay? Read up more on Green Hell VR in our Q&A interview with the game’s developers.

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