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Green Hell VR Four Player Co-Op & Spirits Of Amazonia DLC Now In Development

Green Hell VR Four Player Co-Op & Spirits Of Amazonia DLC Now In Development

Work is now underway on a four-player co-op mode for Green Hell VR, as well as bringing the Spirits of Amazonia DLC content over from the flatscreen release.

When we spoke to Incuvo’s Radomir Kucharski after the Quest release of Green Hell VR last year, he said the studio would like to add co-op to the game and had begun preliminary work without a fixed date for release.

Today, the studio announced that it is “working on implementing a multiplayer mode for Green Hell VR” that will support up to four players. However, the studio didn’t provide a release window or details on exactly which version of Green Hell VR the mode was for. You might remember that Green Hell VR was released on both Quest and PC VR, but were essentially separate releases – while both were fun in their own right, the former was more of a paired back version of the latter.

Incuvo’s previous comments on co-op were in relation to the Quest release, so that seems like a fair bet. However, we’ve reached out to Incuvo for clarification on the status of co-op and DLC development for both versions of the game.

Speaking of DLC, Incuvo also announced that it is working on bringing the Spirits of Amazonia DLC, first released for the flatscreen version of the game, over to Green Hell VR. Incuvo says it will be split into three parts, as it was in the original flatscreen release, and will “offer new story, gameplay mechanics, and immersive content.”

Incuvo previously announced that Green Hell VR is coming to PSVR 2 in 2023. More information in the Green Hell VR Discord server also indicates that the PSVR 2 release of the game will be based “mainly” off the Quest version of Green Hell VR, but featuring PC VR graphics and PlayStation-specific features such as improved haptic feedback.

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