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Green Hell Quest Dev Looking To Add Co-Op, New Game Modes

Green Hell Quest Dev Looking To Add Co-Op, New Game Modes

Incuvo has plenty of plans to support the Quest version of Green Hell VR following launch last week.

We spoke to the studio’s Radomir Kucharski about the new survival game in a studio interview. As you likely know by now, Green Hell on Quest is more of an adaptation of the original PC game, reworking the campaign to fit on the standalone headset rather than porting the experience 1:1. One feature that hasn’t yet made it into this version of the game though is co-op support. Kucharski confirmed to us that support for such a mode was in the works.

“We would like to add [a] cooperative mode later on with a DLC,” Kucharski said. “We don’t have any fixed date but we’re already working on it. We’ve actually make a couple of tests and it’s great fun to use a coconut and play and use it as a ball. It was fun to throw it to another player and get it back. We think that co-op is going to be a huge thing in the game, it’s got so much potential. We definitely want to bring it to the game.”

Seeing how the Quest version’s physics-based gameplay will hold up in co-op will definitely be interesting. The original Green Hell, meanwhile, has been treated to story expansion packs and updates since its launch. Could we expect to see that content reach Quest too?

“There are no fixed plans for that but we would like to support the game long-term and we’re definitely considering adding new content to it, adding new DLC content and probably new game modes,” Kucharski told us.

It definitely seems like there’s a lot more of Green Hell VR: Quest Edition to come, then. For now, we think this version of the game is a really smart retooling of the original, though purists will want to wait to see how the upcoming PC VR version, which is a more direct port, will shape up.

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