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Gorn Oculus Quest Port Confirmed

A Gorn Oculus Quest port is in development, creator Free Lives has confirmed.

The news broke on Twitter this morning after Free Lives teased an announcement earlier in the month. The port is being handled by 24 Bit Games, the same studio that brought the game to PSVR earlier this year. Free Lives won’t, however, attach a projected release date to this version of the game noting that it wants this version to be “as good as possible.”

Gorn Oculus Quest Port Confirmed

There’s probably good reason for not giving any estimations – Gorn’s PSVR port was originally scheduled to come out in 2019 but several delays pushed it well into 2020, and some fans grew a little impatient.

It’s great to hear that a Gorn Oculus Quest port is in the works, though. The game is a slapstick gladiator simulator with rubbery physics and obscene comic violence. Players work their way up through the ranks using an array of different weaponry to bash and behead their opponents, with bosses capping off every level in the single-player campaign.

We loved the game when it released in full on PC, writing: “Gorn is the product of two years of tireless Early Access development. What started out as a laughable bit of nonsense has gradually evolved into, well, a much more polished and expansive bit of nonsense. It’s a toybox filled with razor-sharp playthings and endless action figures to use them on, upheld by a combat system that bends reality to eschew awkwardness.”

The game is technically demanding, though, with a lot of systems at play at once. But 24 Bit Games did a great job with the PSVR port, so we have high hopes for a Quest version.

Will you be picking up the Gorn Oculus Quest port? Let us know in the comments below!

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