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Gorilla Tag Hits 1.5 Million Players, In App Purchases Come To Quest

Gorilla Tag Hits 1.5 Million Players, In App Purchases Come To Quest

An astonishing 1.5 million players have now monkeyed around in multiplayer VR hit, Gorilla Tag.

Developer Another Axiom confirmed as much on Twitter this week, also confirming that in-app purchases are now available in the Quest version of the game. Meta launched IAP support for App Lab titles on Quest earlier in the month. The game itself is free to download, and you can expect IAPs to relate to avatar cosmetics as opposed to new features and maps.

Gorilla Tag Hits 1.5 Million Players

What wasn’t confirmed was exactly how many of these players are on Quest and how many are on Steam. Normally we’d assume that Quest’s popularity would give it a significant majority but, given the game is hidden on the App Lab store and that the Steam version has more user reviews (10.5K to Quest’s 7.3K), we’re not quite sure. Some of those players will likely also come from the SideQuest version of the game, though.

Whatever the case, it’s clear to see just how popular the multiplayer title has become. In fact, last month’s Connect conference even saw John Carmack celebrate the game’s success, saying it had more players on Quest than some AAA productions.

Surely it’s a matter of time before we see an official release for Gorilla Tag on the Quest store. Currently, though, the game remains in early access on Steam, and Meta says it doesn’t allow EA titles onto the full Quest store. That hasn’t stopped games like Onward and Blade And Sorcery appearing, though, so we’ll have to wait and see.

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