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Ghost Signal Drops Quest 2 Exclusivity, Out Today On Pico

Ghost Signal: A Stellaris Game image

Ghost Signal: A Stellaris Game is dropping Quest 2 exclusivity and launching today on Pico headsets.

Released last month on Quest 2 and Quest Pro, Ghost Signal: A Stellaris Game joins a growing library on ByteDance's rival standalone headsets. An action roguelite spin-off to the popular grand strategy game, you command the spaceship Aurora, tasked with investigating the ancient and eponymous Ghost Signal. On Pico Neo 3 Link, Pico 4 and Pico 4 Pro, that goes live at 5pm GMT.

In our Ghost Signal: A Stellaris Game review, we considered it “one of the best VR roguelites” and Fast Travel Games evidently isn't finished. As confirmed last month alongside Patch 1.0.1, which mainly implemented bug fixes, further post-launch patches will bring “more improvements and new content.” However, specific details remain unknown.

Ghost Signal is available now on the Meta Quest and Pico platforms. When previously asked about PC VR or PSVR 2 editions, Lead Designer Christopher Smith told UploadVR it wasn't a current priority, stating "We’re not closing any doors but right now, we’re focusing on the Quest 2.”

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