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Ghost Giant Promises VR Bond Building Next Month

Ghost Giant Promises VR Bond Building Next Month

I think we’d all agree that one of the things VR does best is build bonds. Think about how attached you felt to Astro as you journeyed through Astro Bot, or the connection you made with Quill in Moss. Ghost Giant looks like the latest game to explore this promising space. And it’s coming very soon.

Developer Zoink Games recently confirmed that Ghost Giant will launch digitally on PSVR on April 16th. Not only that but publisher Perp Games will launch a physical version of the game in the EU on April 19th. Boxed editions for North America will follow at a later date.

In Ghost Giant you play as, well, a ghost giant. At the start of the game you befriend a small (or, rather, normal-sized) boy named Louis. As you build a bond with him you begin to explore the world of Sancourt. It’s a visually splendid little town that reminds us of Animal Crossing. In VR, though, you’ll connect with characters and solve puzzles. It helps that it looks impossibly adorable.

We’ll be really interested to see what Zoink brings to the table here. As great as Astro Bot and Moss are, they’re both titles that focus on traditional gameplay just as much as they do relationship. We may be wrong but Ghost Giant’s trailer makes it seem like it tips towards the former. We’re hoping Zoink discovers new gold to mine in these uncharted waters.

There’s no word on a possible PC VR version of the game right now. We’ll keep an eye out, though.

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