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Gambit! Delayed To Q1 2023, New Gameplay Trailer Here

Gambit! Delayed To Q1 2023, New Gameplay Trailer Here

Gambit!, a new VR co-operative shooter from the developer behind A-Tech Cybernetic and Zero Caliber VR, is delayed until Q1 2023. 

First announced in 2020, XREAL Games previously targeted a May 2022 release after Gambit!’s re-reveal, which was later pushed back. Separate gameplay previews soon followed, and Gambit! was set to release on December 8. However, earlier today XREAL Games told UploadVR that Gambit! won’t release tomorrow as planned and is now delayed once again, this time until Q1 2023.

All that said, XREAL Games also unveiled a new gameplay trailer today in the Upload VR Showcase Winter 2022. You can check that out below, but fair warning – it does contain crude language and over-the-top violence.

XREAL previously claimed Gambit! will feature a lengthy campaign that will take 20+ hours to complete, featuring nine levels split between three chapters. On the run after a botched mission, Gambit! sees you taking on a series of heist missions in a ‘pre-apocalyptic’ world. Between solo play or four-player co-op with cross-platform support, you’ll play as a gang of mercenaries, Frank, Udo, Cody, or Kevin, securing fresh loot.

You can choose between various weapons, which range from more traditional options like handguns and rifles to absurd picks like explosive bows and a combat defibrillator. Alongside boss fights and climbing mechanics, Gambit! features minigames and a PvP tournament called Municipal Mayhem, both of which can be seen in the trailer. Furthermore, XREAL previously promised unlockable skins and masks to use in game as well.

Gambit! releases Q1 2023 on Meta Quest 2 and PC VR via Steam. 

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