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Futuclass Will Teach You Chemistry On Quest 2

Futuclass Will Teach You Chemistry On Quest 2

Futuclass Education seeks to gamify chemistry lessons through interactive VR modules, and that’s available now on Quest.

Developed in cooperation with science teachers and schools, Futuclass provides students basic chemistry lessons through virtual reality. Available as a free download with a subscription model, Futuclass contains modules based on Atom Structure and Reaction Balancing, alongside educational escape room challenges that focus on Oxgyen or Moles & Molarity. Every module includes a downloadable lesson plan from the official website, which quizzes you on what you’ve learned, and you can read the description below:

Learn Chemistry through gamified experiences in Virtual Reality! Hold molecules in your hand in Reaction Balancing, shoot particles in Atom Structure, escape the room in Oxygen and experiment your way through Hydrogen VR lessons.

There’s been a noticeable increase in educational apps on Quest recently, such as language learning app Noun Town, which supports Japanese, French, Spanish, Italian, Germany and Chinese. MLK: Now Is The Time examines the themes of Dr King’s famous “I Have a Dream” speech in a modern context, while math app Prisms VR seeks to teach middle school students modules like algebra and geometry.

Futuclass Education is available now on the Meta Quest platform via App Lab, offering additional content through a subscription module and four free demo lessons. A free PC VR version is also available through Steam, which charges $9.99 for extra learning modules.

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