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ForeVR Bowl Feels A Little More Consistent With New Update

ForeVR Bowl Feels A Little More Consistent With New Update

ForeVR Bowl just got its first major update, which begins to tackle some key criticisms of the VR bowling game on Oculus Quest.

The June feature update includes what the team calls ‘Throw 2.0’, an updated version of the game’s mechanics based upon data it’s gotten in since the game launched in late May. The team says throwing should feel more consistent now.

In our review of the game last month we said that, without the real weight of a ball in your hand, it was difficult to make consistently accurate throws in the game. I jumped in to play three games following the update and throwing definitely felt more managable now. By standing in one spot, lining up my shot with the lines of the lane itself, I was starting to feel some sense of routine, and by the end of the third game I’d nearly doubled the score of my first (from a lowly 55 to a still pretty awful 89).

It’s still pretty easy to slip up and developer ForeVR says it’s working on further improvements, so we’re not quite ready to reassess our review just yet, but we’ll definitely look at that once more updates come in.

Elsewhere this update also speeds up levelling so that it’s less of a grind to unlock the game’s many ball themes. Plus there’s the promised inclusion of smooth locomotion and new ball themes too.

It’s encouraging to see ForeVR Bowl addressing all of this with its latest update. We’re looking forward to seeing how much further the developer pushes the game in the future.

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