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Final Fury Is A VR Fighting Game From The Makers Of Synth Riders

Final Fury Is A VR Fighting Game From The Makers Of Synth Riders

Synth Riders developer Kluge is back with its newest VR title, a fighting game named Final Fury.

Set to release in 2023, Final Fury made its debut at the Upload VR Showcase today. Check out the trailer below.

Final Fury Reveal Trailer

Final Fury looks to echo the tone of classic fighting games whilst retaining the neon-drenched visuals Kluge made its name on with its popular VR rhythm game. The trailer gives us a first look at gameplay as well as two characters, one of which is called Tempest.

Rather than engaging in close quarters combat, Final Fury sees players keep their distance as they perform gestures to execute attacks. Punching targets lands quick blows on your opponent, for example, but Tempest also has the ability to summon ice spikes whilst her opponent fires lasers. Judging on the trailer, you’ll also be able to walk around arenas during matches.

Outside of boxing games, there aren’t many true VR fighting games out there, so it will be interesting to see how Final Fury adapts the genre for headsets. You can expect to hear more about different characters and fighting styles in the coming months.

Currently, Kluge says the game will release on all “major” VR platforms next year. Specific headsets weren’t named but that likely means Quest, PC VR and possibly even PSVR 2.

What did you make of the reveal of Final Fury? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to check in with the Upload VR Showcase for plenty more trailers and reveals.

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