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'Final Approach' Gets Gamepad and Oculus Rift Support

'Final Approach' Gets Gamepad and Oculus Rift Support

Final Approach is one of the most unique VR titles on the market. In Final Approach, you take on the role of an air traffic control operator and must direct and land planes as they fly towards your island.  The previous version of the game existed exclusively on Steam for the HTC Vive and required use of motion controllers.

This new version of the game, the Pilot Edition, not only brings a seated gamepad experience, but it also adds full Oculus Rift support on both Steam and Oculus Home. If you already own the original version of Final Approach, you’ll gain access to the Pilot Edition for free. This new version is a major change for the game, since the original version was one of the standout Vive titles for motion control.

Now in the Pilot Edition, you’ll switch roles to the pilot instead of a control officer. According to a press release:

“Enabled for use with a gamepad controller, YOU the player pilot the aircraft through the world from this new and exciting perspective for an action-packed flying adventure. Get ready to perform incredible aerial feats, navigate dangerous terrain, and engage in full aerial combat to protect the world from the Alien Invasion.”

In the Pilot Edition, you can zoom in to get up close with certain areas of the game while landing planes. Final Approach features 4 large environments and 6+ hours of content. Since this is technically a new version of the game, motion controllers aren’t actually supported in the Pilot Edition.

You can download the Final Approach: Pilot Edition on Steam for Rift and Vive and on Oculus Home for Rift. They’ll also be discounting the Home and Steam versions of the game to coincide with the upcoming Steam Summer Sale.

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