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Facebook Will Share Its 'Biggest AR/VR News To Date' At F8

Facebook Will Share Its 'Biggest AR/VR News To Date' At F8

Facebook is very bullish about the VR and AR news it’s going to be making at this year’s F8 developer conference.

Taking to Twitter, Facebook’s head of virtual and augmented reality products and hardware, Andrew Bosworth, promised that the company would be sharing “the biggest AR/VR news from Facebook to date,” at its developer event. Bosworth didn’t expand on his remarks, but they were reiterated by Facebook’s VP of VR and leader of Oculus, Hugo Barra, who said the company will “show you all the awesome things we’ve been working on, especially AR/VR.”

That’s not exactly a slight tease; it seems we can expect some game-changing announcements at F8, which kicks off on May 1st in San Jose, California.

The obvious question, then, is what does Facebook have in-store? By May we’d hope that the company’s $200 Oculus Go standalone headset, billed for release in ‘early’ 2018, will be on the market, so this likely refers to something else. Last year’s F8 saw Facebook reveal its own AR platform; could we perhaps see new hardware that utilizes that tech, maybe in combination with VR of some sort? Job listings from Oculus over the past few years suggest that the company has been working on AR tech, after all.

We could keep guessing for days, but we won’t know for a few months yet. F8 kicks off with a keynote speech which is likely where we’ll hear the news first.

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