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Facebook Launches Spaces For HTC Vive

Facebook Launches Spaces For HTC Vive

Facebook’s social VR app Spaces is now available for HTC Vive.

The app previously came to Vive unofficially through the Revive hack but this is official support from Facebook itself. Interestingly, however, the app is available as a direct download from Facebook’s website — bypassing Valve’s Steam store as part of its distribution.

Rift and Vive users can now connect in Facebook Spaces. You can create an avatar, view Facebook photos and 360-degree videos, play games, draw with markers, stream live and make Messenger video calls to the real world. That final bit is one of the most interesting parts of Spaces as it lets people on their cell phones anywhere in the world get a call from virtual reality.

“We’re working to bring Facebook Spaces to even more VR platforms and devices in the future, so stay tuned,” Facebook’s head of social VR Rachel Rubin Franklin wrote in a post.

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