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Facebook Teases 'Amazing' Upcoming VR Games That Will 'Blow People Away'

Facebook Teases 'Amazing' Upcoming VR Games That Will 'Blow People Away'

Facebook’s Mike Doran says the company is preparing “amazing” VR content partnerships that will “blow people away” in the coming years.

Doran, who works as Director of Production at Facebook’s VR publishing label, Oculus Studios, teased fans about what’s to come in a blog post reflecting on the last five years of Facebook’s VR program.

“I’m in a uniquely blessed position to be able to work not only on some of the most premier games in the world, but also on a platform that’s constantly pushing the envelope,” Doran said of the future. “The things that are coming in the next three, five, seven years are amazing, and I wish I could talk to you about them right now. And I wish I could tell you all the great partners we have signed up that are going to blow people away when we’re finally allowed to talk about them.

“I could rattle off the list of names, but you’d have to bleep them all for the piece.”

Facebook, as with most others in the VR industry, has long talked about getting VR to a point that well-known game developers and content creators are working in VR. In fact, the company has already worked with some of the games industry’s biggest names like Respawn Entertainment and Insomniac Games, and now even owns high-profile studios like Lone Echo developer Ready at Dawn.

Given the perceived success of the Oculus Quest and Quest 2, however, it seems like more of these developers and publishers might be able about to jump in.  We already know that Ubisoft is developing new entries in the Assassin’s Creed and Splinter Cell series for VR, but what else could be on the way?

Who else would you like to see start making VR content? Let us know in the comments below!

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