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Everslaught Sells 1,000+ Copies On PC VR Launch Day, PSVR Version Planned

Newly-released VR dungeon crawler, Everslaught, sold over 1,000 copies when it released on SteamVR over the weekend.

Gihad Chbib of developer MobX confirmed as much on Twitter, adding: “While that may seem low compared to “big title” releases, it’s quite a lot for launching a VR game into Early Access!”

Not to mention that Everslaught was released on a Saturday, which is a pretty unusual day for a game to launch.

Everslaught Sales Revealed

We’ll be looking to bring you our first impressions of the game this week – Everslaught is a fast-paced dungeon crawler in which players cut through hordes of ghoulish enemies as they propel themselves through levels with a hookshot. A full release for the game isn’t planned until the end of 2022, but MobX will be adding more areas to the game in the coming weeks and months.

Elsewhere, Chbib also confirmed that MobX is planning a PSVR version of Everslaught, but cautioned that it will “take time”. Given the game isn’t set to fully release until late 2022, perhaps it’s possible we see it on Sony’s upcoming PS5 VR headset. A Quest version, meanwhile, hasn’t yet been announced.

Are you playing Everslaught? What do you make of it? Let us know in the comments below!

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