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Escape From Galaxen Traps You In An Arcade Machine, Oculus Quest Demo Out Now

We’ve seen a lot of VR games inspired by arcade classics. But, in Escape From Galaxen, you’re actually trapped inside an arcade machine.

A Quest demo for this new title from Spanish studio Ramen Profitable Games is now available on SideQuest. In it, players are cast as a young kid that tumbles inside an arcade machine from 1985. Inspired by classics like Space Invaders, you’ll play games in first-person using weapons that are also inspired by classic games, toys and console peripherals of that era. In one hand you’ll hold what looks like the NES Zapper, for example, whilst wielding a toy sword in the other. Powerups, meanwhile, equip you with plastic machine guns and more.

Escape From Galaxen Demo Released

Escape From Galaxen

As you shoot at aliens they’ll return fire, which you can block with your sword. Levels also feature boss battles and the Quest 2 version of the game will support a 90 Hz refresh rate.

It’s a fun idea for a VR game that also reminds us of the Pixel Ripped series as well as more obvious influences like Tron. There’s no trailer for the game yet, though you can see it in action on YouTube.

The full game is planned for launch on Quest headsets before the end of the year.

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