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Echo VR Season 2 Starts June 8

Echo VR’s second season kicks off on June 8.

An Echo Pass launched in March offering seasonal reward tracks with in-game cosmetics for progress in one of VR’s most popular sports. The seasons are expected to last a few months before resetting, with rewards earned throughout the season offering customizations that do not offer an in-game advantage.

The first season, which ended on May 23, added new chassis, boosters, bracers, medals, emotes, emblems, banners, tints, patterns, tags, and titles. For season 2, Ready At Dawn revealed some of the boosters that’ll be unlockable, including a ladybug and bee that look like they’ll be pretty cool to blast around with in zero-g.

Given that there’s some time left until the start of the next season we’d expect Ready At Dawn to tease more of the rewards that’ll be unlockable soon.

Ready at Dawn is a Facebook-owned studio that’s also working on Lone Echo 2, the sequel to the incredible single player game from 2017 that helped pioneer the zero-g mechanics that are so satisfying in the team sport of multiplayer Echo VR. The sequel launches on the Rift store this summer.

The first season for Echo Pass featured a reward track available to all players that could be converted to a Premium pass for additional rewards. The Premium Pass was sold for roughly $10 in U.S. currency, or 1000 in-game Echo Points.

Echo VR is one of the games that supports 120 Hz mode on Oculus Quest 2 and the title is free-to-play as well as one of the best games available in standalone VR, so if you haven’t checked it out already we recommend giving it a try.

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