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Drunkn Bar Fight Stumbles Onto Quest Next Week

Drunkn Bar Fight Stumbles Onto Quest Next Week

Oculus wants its Quest headset to be home to ‘real’ games for ‘real’ gamers. That’s why it has a strict curation policy that only lets through the crème de la crème of VR experiences. Oh, and Drunkn Bar Fight.

Yes, the intoxicating VR brawling simulator is coming to Quest next week. The trailer below gives us a first look. Developer The Munky confirmed a September 12 release for the game over on Reddit. That’s the same day as AltspaceVR hits the headset. The store listing for the game is already up and, somehow, it’s already got nine reviews.

Drunkn Bar Fight is exactly what it sounds like; you pick scraps with people in bars and nightclubs and use whatever you can get your hands on as weapons. While the game started off with just one environment, it’s since grown to include a handful of other options. It’s a pretty wonky game, filled with bugs. But, to be fair, that’s sort of the appeal.

On Reddit the developer explained that the game won’t be launching with multiplayer support, but that should come within the next three months along with other new content.

Clearly this isn’t the most progressive use of VR. Nevertheless, Drunkn Bar Fight has proven popular since its original launch back in late 2016. The game remains in Early Access on PC but keeps getting new updates, as does the PSVR version which launched a while back.

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