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Do Or Die Is An Action-Packed VR Battle Royale Game With Lots Of Weapon Attachments

Do Or Die Is An Action-Packed VR Battle Royale Game With Lots Of Weapon Attachments

Do or Die is an ambitious, upcoming VR battle royale game in development for Rift, Vive, and Windows VR headsets.

While it shares the core ruleset of most battle royale games in that players must battle to be the last man standing, it has a few unique ideas that the developers are hoping can help it stick out from the pack.

For starters, you can actually reach up and control the parachute’s trajectory at the start of the match, adding an extra layer of realism. They claim to have a “unique” driving system and, perhaps most notably, is an intricate weapon mod mechanic via attachments. Similar to non-VR battle royale games like PUBG, you can clip on and remove things like scopes from guns and even store them in an inventory for other weapons.

Visually it’s pretty rough, but that’s understandable given the small team and early state it’s in. In the trailer you can see lots of combat and driving, which bodes well for the amount of action, but it’s unclear how many players are on the map or how large it is.

Also in a move similar to PUBG, players will be able to purchase in-game cosmetic items and via real money microtransactions, or leave your fate up to the RNG Gods via loot boxes, which is a bit rare for most VR games.  There are NPC units that come onto the map as well during a game. If you kill one of them, you can nab some high-tier loot, so it’s sort of a like a mercenary system that replaces loot crate drops.

Finally, the victory conditions are a bit different. The main goal isn’t to necessarily kill everyone, but to be the first one that escapes on the helicopter at the end. From there, everyone else is ranked.

The two current most-played VR battle royale titles are Rec Room’s free Rec Royale mode and Stand Out: VR Battle Royale. You can watch livestreams of both games here and here, respectively. Prior to that, we’ve also covered Virtual Battlegrounds, a title that no one’s heard any news about for quite some time.

Obviously battle royale games are at the height of popularity right now between Fortnite and PUBG, so it’s no surprise to see the genre adapted for VR. Hopefully as more developer cut their teeth on the concept the games released are of higher quality and actually become polished final products.

Let us know what you think of Do or Die from what you’ve seen down in the comments below! For more details, check out the game’s official website here.

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