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Developer Brings Minecraft To AR With ARCore/ARKit

Developer Brings Minecraft To AR With ARCore/ARKit

For years now Minecraft has been empowering millions of users by allowing them to create pretty much whatever they want in virtual worlds. But what if you could bring it into the real world?

That’s exactly what South African developer Speak Geek is working on. Using Google’s new ARCore and Apple’s ARKit platforms, which enable AR on Android and iOS smartphones respectively, the developer has created a means of projecting virtual Minecraft creations into the real world. Simply make an object of your choosing in the game world using the normal Minecraft tools and then this app is able to upload it and project it onto a table or other surface through the phone’s screen. Check it out in the video below.

This could be a great way to quickly showcase your Minecraft creations to friends in the future. The team hopes to eventually release the app publically though right now it’s looking for ideas on how to expand on its current features. You can offer feedback at a website.

Speak Geek has actually been working on this concept for some time, first showcasing the idea all the way back in 2015. The developer was inspired by the demos of Minecraft running on Microsoft’s HoloLens, in which a user with the headset on was able to peer down into the virtual world while another player walked through it using an Xbox One.

One way or another, then, chances are you’ll be playing Minecraft in AR in the years to come.

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