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VR Train Simulator Derail Valley Getting Huge Overhauled Update Next Month

VR Train Simulator Derail Valley Getting Huge Overhauled Update Next Month

Altfuture’s excellent VR train simulator, Derail Valley, is on the cusp of getting a huge update.

Derail Valley: Overhauled, as the update is named, will arrive for free to owners of the original game on May 21. The team had originally hoped to get the update out in 2019 but needed extra time for a variety of reasons. Most recently, it had to push the update from April to May due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. You can see a trailer teasing its long list of improvements below.

According to the trailer, the update will include a big performance overhaul, new gameplay objectives that offer over 50 hours of content and, more importantly, revamped VR support. Altfuture says it will have more in-depth videos about the update in the run up to launch.

We’ve been following Derail Valley since 2017, when we first played it. It wouldn’t arrive on Early Access platforms until early 2019. In it, you complete missions to earn money that allow you to buy new parts and vehicles to traverse a wide-open world with.

The game strikes a deft balance between strict simulation and a little silliness. While it’s incredibly detailed in terms of getting your train moving at the right speed with cars attached, go too fast and you’ll fling off the rails (hence the name). Still, we haven’t played it in three years, so we’ll be keen to see how the game has come along since.

Will you be checking out Derail Valley once the new Overhauled update arrives? Let us know in the comments below! Until then, the game is available in Early Access on both Steam and the Oculus Store.

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