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Death Horizon Gets Oculus Quest Update With Better Visuals, New Boss

Death Horizon Gets Oculus Quest Update With Better Visuals, New Boss

This week might be light on new Oculus Quest releases, but a free update to Death Horizon: Reloaded might pique your interest.

This zombie shooter, which came to Facebook’s standalone headset late last year, gets a new chapter and boss battle with this update. The boss looks like a massive zombie pumped full of some time of… green oozy thing. Pleasant!

There’s also a bit of a visual overhaul in this update, which the developers showcased in the trailer in the tweet above. It can be hard to see given the game’s so dark, but lighting looks hugely improved, with new light surfaces and convincing reflections. It’s great to see VR developers getting to grips with Oculus Quest’s less powerful hardware and get better results out of it.

Plus there’s three new weapons to wield, including a pistol, uzi and a double-barrelled shotgun. They’ll fit in quite nicely with the game’s single-player campaign in which players storm the halls of a scientific research center overrun with zombies.

Elsewhere developer Dream Dev Studio says it’s also working on co-op support for the game, though it will take some time to get it right. Hopefully this will include full support for the campaign, but not word yet.

Reloaded is itself a revamped version of the original shooter on Oculus Go. The game costs $19.99 on the Oculus Store. It’s an Oculus Quest exclusive for now; no word on a launch on other headsets.

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