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Groundbreaking Indie VR Projects, Taking Flight & Tracking Hands || The VR Culture Show

Groundbreaking Indie VR Projects, Taking Flight & Tracking Hands || The VR Culture Show

It’s been a busy week for VR gaming but, as we all know, VR is doing so much more than games! Let us prove it to you with the second episode of The VR Culture Show!

Last time we were at the Raindance Film Festival in London. For this month’s episode, we’re focusing in on a bunch of different areas. For starters, we’re at Digital Catapult’s CreativeXR showcase in London, where we’re meeting some groundbreaking independent developers working on truly exciting VR and AR projects. CreativeXR looks to support the arts in the UK by finding funding for projects that aren’t traditional games or products.

We talk with developers about how important the funding stage of their projects is, and why they’re approaching these technologies from such unique angles. Ideas including a journalist training simulation for intense situations and a theatrical production that strips out the headset and uses VR tracking tech to distort the audiences reality!

Elsewhere we’re checking out Fly, a remarkable VR installation that gives users a real sensation of flying in VR. Created by Charlotte Mikkelborg, the experience takes you on a history of man-powered aviation, using a rig to tilt and turn your body. It’s quite an incredible piece of work.

Finally, ManusVR stopped by to show us the latest with its enterprise-level hand-tracking VR gloves.

We’re still getting to grips with The VR Culture Show, so be sure to let us know your thoughts. Did you like today’s episode? Is there something specific you think we could cover? Let us know and we’ll see you for the next episode!

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