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Cosmonious High Accessibility Update Adds One-Handed Mode & More, Available Now

Cosmonious High Accessibility Update Adds One-Handed Mode & More, Available Now

As revealed in our Upload VR Showcase, Cosmonious High’s accessibility update is available now, adding loads of new options to create an accessible experience for as many players as possible.

One of the biggest additions is one-handed mode, which means the entire game can be played with one hand from start to finish. This will kick in when the game automatically detects that the player is using just a single controller.

There’s also now more options for seated play — every table and workstation now has a handle so that the height can be easily adjusted, plus all animations and interactions will now work at any height.

Object interactions have also been improved, making some items easier to grab overall, plus tutorials have been adjusted to kick in if the player hasn’t played in a while or if the game detects that the player isn’t using certain powers.

Iconography has been changed across the game as well, so that more icons “effectively communicate complex instructions at a glance without having to read lots of text.”

In addition to accessibility updates, a few additions for localization and inclusivity have been made as well. The pronouns for each character in the game are now more clearly displayed, plus there’s now a “small human mode” switch at the registration desk and in the player’s backpack.

We enjoyed Cosmonious High when it released earlier this year, and given how it’s tilted at introducing newcomers to VR, this accessibility update makes a lot of sense. That being said, we also came away wondering when developer Owlchemy Labs might offer something with more depth for those well-acquainted with VR.

You can read more about Cosmonious’ accessibility update here.

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