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Cooking Simulator VR Arrives On PC This Week

Cooking Simulator VR Arrives On PC This Week

Just over a year since we first wrote about it, Cooking Simulator VR is finally seasoning itself up for launch.

The port of the original Cooking Simulator lands on SteamVR on July 29. No word on possible PSVR or Quest versions of the game yet. Check out the launch trailer below.

I suspect I don’t really need to explain what Cooking Simulator VR is to you but, just in case, be sure to expect the usual mix of realistic meal preparation with the capacity for disaster at the slightest mistake, intentional or otherwise. The game features over 80 recipes to unlock across 140 ingredients introduced over a career mode that will see you moving to increasingly complex meals.

But there is, of course, a sandbox mode where you’re free to dream up your own dishes and, hey, maybe put some gas in the microwave (because what could go wrong there, right?). Expect a range of cooking types from mastering the grill to frying potatoes and slicing vegetables. The only difference between this and real life will be that, y’know, you can’t actually eat the food you make.

On PC the game will support basically all headsets natively, and Valve Index owners will also benefit from finger tracking support.

Are you going to be serving up some Cooking Simulator VR later this week? Let us know in the comments below!

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