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Contractors Modkit Update Adds ‘Playground’ With Improved Physics

Contractors Modkit Update Adds ‘Playground’ With Improved Physics

Caveman Studio’s Contractors – the popular fast-paced VR multiplayer shooter – has a big update available now which adds a variety of new features as well as updates to the modkit to allow even more customization.

On top of that, the modkit adds some new features to give modders more tools to create the experience they want. There are 5 new game modes coming alongside some new custom weapons too. These are coupled with some new mod preset templates that will allow modding to be more accessible to players while allowing more experienced modders to create much more quickly.

They haven’t left out the non-modding community though as there are plenty of changes for the standard Contractors game designed as both quality of life improvements and actual upgrades to the experience.

An area of focus is with the in-game physics. Players were experiencing some physics-based issues when positioned against walls which meant objects were passing through them, which can have a big impact on immersion. With The Game Experience update, physics have been changed so guns will now collide with surfaces and melee weapons will bounce back if hit with force.

Throwable items have also had the physics treatment as well, with animations overhauled to allow them to have more realistic collisions such as rolling and bouncing, and the game now has new hand models and animations as well, so there are more finger movements when changing magazines during reloading. Adding these allows reloading to be done without pulling the slide and reloading bolt-action weapons are now more flexible rather than working from one gesture. These changes will make reload actions more fluid and responsive than they were previously.

Moreover, the developers noted that with a laggy network tactical reloads were becoming frustrating during the combat, so they updated the lag compensation network code in an effort to make reloading much smoother.

If you would like to find out more about the game, find their socials here:

TikTok: @contractorsvr

YouTube: @Caveman Studio

Facebook: @contractorsvr

Twitter: @Contractor_CM

To purchase the game, head here:

Oculus Store:


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