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COLOPL Announces New $50 Million Fund To Invest In VR/AR Companies

COLOPL Announces New $50 Million Fund To Invest In VR/AR Companies

As more high-quality projects surface and the install base for virtual and augmented reality continues to grow, more and more money is pouring into the different entities cultivating and creating that content. Japan-based COLOPL has charged forward to become a solidified part of the mobile industry with a collection of solid games that include VR experiences. Now, COLOPL and its subsidiary COLOPL Next have created a new $50 million fund focused on VR and AR that brings their total funds focuses on those markets to $100 million.

Named the Colopl VR Fund 2, the accumulated $50 million will be used to invest in companies creating virtual and augmented projects. According to a press release:

COLOPL’s strategy is to develop games and video images within the group, while investing in business fields that the group doesn’t cover on its own. Based on this strategy, the company is steadily working on VR fields one step at a time. Managed by COLOPL NEXT, the Colopl VR Fund has invested in over 30 companies all over the world. The company believes that the development of the nascent VR market requires players that are committed to further accelerating the growth of the market.

The website for the fund declares that COLOPL is “laser-focused” on virtual reality as they’ve spent the last two years investing in research and development for VR projects. COLOPL Next President Shintaro Yamakami gave a statement, declaring VR platforms could transcend the “conventional way of life and gives people a chance to experience new things”.

COLOPL has disclosed most of the 30 companies they’ve invested in, including SPACES Inc, which recently announced the acquisition of $6.5 million for their VR theme park ambitions. Given that interest in AR is ramping up significantly, it should be expected that COLOPL will be investing a great deal more in augmented reality.

Disclosure: COLOPL is an investor in the parent company of UploadVR.

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