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Celebrate International Dog Day With Dex, Your AR Best Friend

Celebrate International Dog Day With Dex, Your AR Best Friend

International Dog Day is this weekend on August 26th, 2018, so what better way to celebrate than with an AR best friend of your very own? Meet Dex: the AR dog created by the appropriately named VR/AR development studio, Labrodex. They’re the same team behind upcoming VR shooter, Scraper.

This AR app featuring their company mascot is usually $1.99, but until August 29th it’s free to download for all iOS and Android users with AR-capable devices. The promotion is to help raise awareness for “charitable causes such as the Guide Dog Foundation and America’s Vet Dogs” according to a company representative.

Fans of the popular Nintendogs series on the Nintendo DS or even old-school Tamagotchi devices will know what to expect. It’s a simple app with basic functionality like being able to level up Dex’s skill by teaching him tricks like sit, rollover, and speak. He has needs as well, such as needing food and play time to stay happy.

There is even a “follow” and “stop” command so you can bring him with you while you’re out on walks, or sniff out coins in the world for rewards. In the future they plan to add new mini-games, more accessories, a little doggy house, and more authentic training commands.

Dex is far from being the only immersive pet app out there. We’ve  covered other similar apps in the past like CurioPets, RoVR, and a cute little guy named Waba.

Check out AR doggy Dex right now for free until August 29th. And if you want more dogs in  your life, here’s a picture of the best dog ever, my pembroke welsh corgi, Luna.

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