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E3 2017: CCP's vSport Sparc Hits PSVR First

E3 2017: CCP's vSport Sparc Hits PSVR First

CCP Games is going outside of its EVE universe for the first time ever later this year with Sparc, and PlayStation VR (PSVR) owners will get to try it first.

The developer’s team in Atlanta this week confirmed that Sparc will be coming to Sony’s headset first in Q3 of this year. It’s expected to hit both the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift too, but it sounds like fans will have to wait either until the very end of the year of sometime in 2018 to get their hands on it. The news was accompanied with a new trailer on Twitter, which you can see below.

Sparc is CCP’s take on what it calls the vSport. Set in another sci-fi world that looks similar to Tron, players take part in virtual one-on-one tournaments with different games. The main mode has two players attempting to hit each other with orbs they throw at their opponent while dodging incoming attacks and blocking them with a shield. The aim is to get players active, making them duck and dive through matches.

We’ve been hands on with Sparc a couple of times and it’s shaping up nicely. It marks quite a dramatic departure for CCP, which has up until now only released games in its EVE sci-fi universe, including popular multiplayer dogfighter, EVE: Valkyrie, and the Gunjack games. Expect to see plenty more from Sparc in the next few months leading up to launch.

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