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Blaston Gets Weapon Attachments, Fast Travel Games Collaboration In Reloaded Update

Blaston Gets Weapon Attachments, Fast Travel Games Collaboration In Reloaded Update

Fresh off of raising its price for a busy 2022 roadmap, Blaston is launching a major update today.

The Blaston: Reloaded update includes many of the features developer Resolution Games previously teased. Headlining the update is the introducing of a Weapon Attachments system that helps players expand their arsenals. 30 new modifications are available to add to the 10 existing weapons, with more to come in future updates, and there’s a new weapon too.

Check out a trailer for the update below that gives you a first look at some of these features.

Blaston: Reloaded Update Released

As part of Reloaded, Resolution is introducing the Luma Bow, which sacrifices dual-wielding weapons for high damage and accuracy. Not only that but, from now until May 5, you’ll be able to grab a free skin for the bow, made in collaboration with another VR studio. Fast Travel Games is lending the design of its Cyber Bow from its first game, Apex Construct, to the title. You’ll also spot some Apex Construct posters in the trailer. Resolution says this is just the first collaboration for Blaston.

Also added today is a Street Brawl mode. This only lets users wield the bow and Nova weapons at a longer distance.

Rounding out the news, Resolution also reaffirmed its hopes to make Blaston a major player in the esports scene, confirming that future updates will focus on fine-tuning the game’s balance. The studio has also teamed up with VRML for an officially-sanctioned competition that kicks off in May.

Elsewhere, we’re still waiting to see the full reveal of Resolution’s next game, Ultimechs.

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