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Watch: 7 Minutes of Ziggy's Cosmic Adventure Gameplay

Watch: 7 Minutes of Ziggy's Cosmic Adventure Gameplay

Here’s seven minutes of gameplay from Ziggy’s Cosmic Adventure, set to release later this year on PC VR and Quest 2.

The footage runs through a good mix of what you can expect when playing Ziggy’s Cosmic Adventure, including piloting the ship through space, fighting enemies and managing resources while onboard. The footage is accompanied by some developer commentary, explaining what’s happening in-game in real-time.

It’s an interesting peek into a game that, as Jamie said in our hands-on from a few months ago, wants to work with the platform’s limitations, and not try to defy them. At its core, it’s a VR management game akin to A Rogue Escape with hints of manic gameplay similar to Cook-Out: A Sandwich Tale, but set in the detailed cockpit of a spaceship jetting through the universe.

In our hands-on from February, we noted that the game was super intriguing but also — by its own admission — lacking in polish in several key areas. A few months on, it’s hard to tell just how much this has changed so far without going hands-on again, but we’re hopeful that Stardust Collective will be able to polish everything off nicely in the remaining development period.

The studio also announced a business development partnership with Robot Teddy to provide additional support and funding as the game nears release.

Ziggy’s Cosmic Adventure will launch later this year for Quest 2 and PC VR via Steam. No word yet on a final release date, but hopefully we’ll have more to share soon.

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