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Ziggy's Cosmic Adventures Receives Final Teaser Trailer

Ziggy's Cosmic Adventures screenshot

Ziggy's Cosmic Adventures receives a final teaser trailer, offering a fresh look at the VR space sim.

First revealed over two years ago, Ziggy's Cosmic Adventures is a VR space sim with arcade-style combat. Piloting a one-man craft, you play as a bounty hunter who's taken possession of a small but powerful alien. With the Empire closing in, you're tasked with surviving their attacks while managing your spaceship. Arriving on Quest 2 and PC VR, you can watch the new trailer below.

Previously scheduled to launch last year, developer Stardust Collective told UploadVR in an email that it can't share a new release date yet. However, the team calls this final teaser "an important milestone" and confirms a full trailer will appear closer to release. That's hopefully not too far, especially given the game now has a Quest Store page and is listed as 'coming soon'.

We went hands-on with the Ziggy's Cosmic Adventures PC VR demo last year, believing it needed those "final touches" but praised its focus on full immersion.

It’s part of a select breed of VR games that wants to work with the platform’s limitations, not try and defy them. Everything’s interactive in this immersive cockpit simulator, and everything’s within arm’s reach too. There’s no smooth locomotion or teleporting, no climbing or lifting heavy objects – developer Stardust Collective wants to keep VR feeling tactile and tangible.

A release window remains unconfirmed, but Ziggy's Cosmic Adventures will launch on SteamVR and Quest.

Hands-On: Ziggy’s Cosmic Adventures Is A Really Convincing VR Game That Needs Its Final Touches
Ziggy’s Cosmic Adventures’ focus on full immersion makes it one to watch, though it’s difficult to judge without those final touches. Read on for our preview. I’ve kept a keen eye on Ziggy’s Cosmic Adventures. It’s part of a select breed of VR games that

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