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Zed Is An Atmospheric VR Adventure Published By Cyan, Creators of Myst

Zed Is An Atmospheric VR Adventure Published By Cyan, Creators of Myst

Cyan, the creators of Myst, Riven, and VR adventure Obduction, are back — this time as a publisher. Dubbed Cyan Ventures, this new arm of the company will allow them to branch out away from just development to help bring more of their style of high-quality atmospheric games to the world that might otherwise not get played. The first effort in this new endeavor is Zed from Eagre Games.

According to the press release:

ZED is the story of an artist suffering from dementia — desperately trying to reconnect fragmented memories. The player explores the dreams of the artist’s crumbling mind in hopes of helping him assemble enough meaningful images to leave behind a loving memento and final legacy for his granddaughter. The experience blends adventure, a rich narrative, stirring sentiment, and fanciful world exploration.

ZED is the vision of Chuck Carter, developed in association with Skymap Games and co-written by Joe Fielder (Bioshock Infinite, The Flame and the Flood) and David Chen (Metal Gear Solid series, Narcosis).  The game features compelling voice over work from an outstanding cast, including a riveting performance from veteran voice actor Stephen Russell (the Thief, Skyrim and Fallout series).

Based on the experience of its team alone, Zed is certainly worth keeping on your radar. We don’t have a firm release date yet, but according to the already-live Steam page it is expected to come this Spring, so hopefully not a long wait at all.

After  releasing Obduction, Cyan’s next game is going to be Firmament the last we heard from them. We got to try a brief vertical slice of it at GDC 2018 and appreciated the interactive puzzle solving.

Zed is coming to Rift, Vive, and non-VR PCs this Spring. Let us know what you think down in the comments below!

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