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Watch: 12 Minutes Of The Wizards: Dark Times On Oculus Quest!

Watch: 12 Minutes Of The Wizards: Dark Times On Oculus Quest!

We’re kicking our Winter Wrap-Up event off with a little magic – 12 minutes of gameplay from The Wizards: Dark Times on Oculus Quest, right here!

Carbon Studios’ full sequel to its popular spell-casting VR adventure, The Wizards, first hit PC VR earlier this year. Since then, the studio has been busy stirring the cauldron and cooking up an Oculus Quest port. Check it out below.

The Wizards series has built its name on intuitive gesture-based controls and great visuals, and both seem to be intact here. Dark Times offers a full single-player campaign that evolves on the original’s arena-based battles. You’ll summon ice arrows and fireballs with the flick of a wrist and put them to use against some truly weird and wonderful enemies.

We were big fans of Dark Times when it launched on PC VR. “The Wizards never lets you forget you’re playing a VR game,” we said in our 4/5 review. “Rarely do more than 10 seconds pass without the need for grand hand gestures to summon magic or for you to reach out and interact with things around you. They’ve got a great magic system that’s intuitive and fun to master in a fantastical world that provides a unique type of adventure you won’t quite find anywhere else.”

Carbon says the game will be launching in early 2021, though there’s no specific date just yet. The team’s also working on the recently-announced Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Tempestfall, which is also due to hit Quest and PC VR next year.

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Thanks to Carbon for kicking off Winter Wrap-Up with us! But don’t go anywhere; there’s plenty more where that came from! Later today we’ll be talking about the biggest headlines of 2020 from our VR studio, and we’ve got exclusive looks at Demeo, Wraith, Sam & Max and more later this week. See the schedule above!



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