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Windows 11 Update Offers Virtual Desktop PC VR Streaming Fix

Windows 11 Update Offers Virtual Desktop PC VR Streaming Fix

A new Windows 11 update set to be automatically installed on November 9 should fix performance issues when streaming PC VR games to Quest via Virtual Desktop, according to developer Guy Godin.

Early last month, we installed Windows 11 and tried out Oculus Link (wired and wireless) as well as PC VR streaming via Virtual Desktop. We found that, across the board, there were consistent issues with using a Quest headset on Windows 11.

In particular, there was consistent visual juddering when moving head or hands, related to frame drops from Oculus compositor. This was most prominent when using Link, but we also found similar issues with Oculus native titles when using Virtual Desktop as well.

This week, Virtual Desktop developer Guy Godin made a post on the Oculus Quest subreddit notifying users that, in his testing, an update for Windows 11 has resolved performance issues for Virtual Desktop streaming.

Godin cites general performance fixes but also singles out a specific issue where framerate could be stuck at 33fps when the streamer window is minimized in Windows 11. Godin also only mentioned this in relation to his own software — we haven’t had a chance to test the update ourselves yet, but it may also see improvements for those using Link with Quest on Windows 11 as well.

Regardless of your specific issues, if you’re an Oculus Quest user playing VR on Windows 11, this update could help improve performance and is probably worth checking out. As Godin points out, it won’t be installed automatically for a few more days, but it can be installed manually right now. To do this, go to your Settings menu in Windows 11 and find the update in the Optional Updates area.

Have you tried this latest Windows 11 update and seen improved performance with Quest? Let us know in the comments.

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