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Upload VR Showcase 2022: Watch Here 8am PT, 5pm CT

Upload VR Showcase 2022: Watch Here 8am PT, 5pm CT

It’s time! You can watch this summer’s Upload VR Showcase 2022 right here at 8am PT, 5pm CT.

Make sure to tune in live for a first look at over 25 VR games including all-new reveals from some of your favorite VR studios, brand new trailers from some of your most anticipated titles, and deep dives into some of the biggest experiences coming in 2022 and beyond. You can also watch the show straight from our YouTube channel or with our friends over at IGN.

Upload VR Showcase 2022: Watch Here 8am PT, 5pm CT

What Is The Upload VR Showcase?

Not sure what an Upload VR Showcase is? Think of them a little like Nintendo Directs, just for VR! We’ve got a 45-minute presentation to fill you in on all of the latest titles coming to a headset near you in the near future. In past shows we’ve revealed games like After The Fall, Cities: VR and Nerf: Ultimate Championship, along with looks at Boneworks, The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners and much more.

This summer’s Upload VR Showcase 2022 is sponsored by the publishing team at Fast Travel Games as well as Owlchemy Labs, World of Mechs, Vertigo Games, Incuvo and Kiwi Designs. A huge thanks to everyone for making it possible. You can head to our all-new Showcase page to learn more about each of them.

What To Expect

We’ve got a ton of great reveals lined up for today. We’ll have first looks at new games from the publishing teams at Fast Travel and Vertigo Games, world-exclusive debuts from developers big and small, and surprise launches of titles you’ve been waiting to play!

What, want more? Make sure to tune in just a bit earlier for our pre-show countdown. You’ll be treated to a handful of exclusive new trailers for yet more titles on the way soon.

What are you hoping to see at the Upload VR Showcase 2022? Let us know in the comments below!

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