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Watch Acer's Mixed Reality Headset Working With HoloLens at WinHEC

Watch Acer's Mixed Reality Headset Working With HoloLens at WinHEC

Microsoft’s Windows 10 Mixed Reality VR headsets are a sort of stepping stone to the eventual consumer version of its HoloLens device, but the two already have some incredible compatibility features.

Microsoft showcased the two platforms working in tandem at its WinHEC event in Taipei last month. During an on-stage presentation the Acer MR headset was seen running a game that was also viewed inside a HoloLens. In the game, the VR user had to escape from an island while the HoloLens user viewed the scene as a virtual diorama on a nearby table and was able to help them out. Clues were presented in MR and then the pair would collaborate to unlocks doors and more. The VR user played with a gamepad and not Microsoft’s new six degrees of freedom (6DOF) controllers.

The game looked pretty simple but it was still an interesting look at how the two technologies could be used together.

We’re some ways off from situations such as these really being feasible for users, though. While Windows VR headsets will be launching for consumers later this year, HoloLens is only available as a $3,000 developer edition, and it’s likely to be some time before it’s deemed ready for a cheaper consumer release. That said, this kind of collaboration is an extremely interesting use of the two technologies and has potential to reach far beyond gaming.

Developers can order Acer or HP’s VR headsets as dev kits now. Expect a full launch around the holiday season.

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