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Walkabout Mini Golf Comes To Steam July 15, Private Beta Sign Up Now Available

Walkabout Mini Golf is launching on Steam July 15 and the developers are looking for beta testers ahead of release.

The game from Mighty Coconut is one of the best multiplayer games on Oculus Quest with realistic physics and a growing collection of courses to play. Ahead of the Steam release on July 15, the developers are looking for beta testers. You can sign up using the form at this link before June 30th for a beta period that begins on July 1. The form notes that only people should enter “if you are willing to actively test and report encountered bugs in the Beta.”

The Steam page for Walkabout Mini Golf lists compatibility with all major headsets and it will even offer full cross-play supported for up to five players in “a private room with voice chat no matter what platform they’re playing on.” There’s seven different courses and an unlockable “night mode” that modifies the holes to make them harder, plus a sort of Easter egg hunt with custom balls hidden around every level you can collect as well as treasure hunts on the hard courses with clues available on your wrist watch that, when solved, will unlock a special putter.

We’re looking forward to playing this on Steam, and the expanded player base who can now join us on the courses, and you can check out more than an hour of our gameplay with the title when we played it in January in the video below.

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