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Next Walkabout Mini Golf DLC Course, Shangri-La, Available December 16

Next Walkabout Mini Golf DLC Course, Shangri-La, Available December 16

The developers of Walkabout Mini Golf revealed the release date and theme of the next DLC course.

The new Shangri-La course will release on December 16. As the developers pointed out on Twitter, this brings the total number of courses in the game to 10, with 360 holes across all of them.

The release date was revealed in the tweet embedded above, but developers Mighty Coconut also posted short videos showing snippets of the course over the last week. One tweet, embedded below, showcases a short chair lift oscillating over a cavernous drop — hopefully this is a new mini golf-esque gameplay mechanic, similar to the environmental wind added to the 8th course in September.

Walkabout Mini Golf launched with only four courses, which has since doubled to eight available courses in the base game. The previous (and first) DLC course, Gardens of Babylon, launched in November and cost $2.99. We recently played 18 holes with H3VR developer Anton Hand on the Babylon course, so you can get a good look at how rich the first DLC environment looks on Quest 2 in the video below.

Back in July, we spoke to the developers of Walkabout Mini Golf in an extensive interview. At the time they revealed a plan for at least three DLC courses, so expect one more course to come our way after Shangri-La releases next week.

In the same interview, we also spoke about how the game started as an iPhone game, along with some of the decision choices and how VR minigolf differs from real minigolf. You can read or watch the full interview here.

The Shangri-La DLC course releases on December 16 for Walkabout Mini Golf on Oculus Quest and SteamVR.

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