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VR Mech Combat Game Vox Machinae Returns With Hand Controls

Remember Vox Machinae? It was a solid-looking mech action game on its way to the Oculus Rift. We first noticed it all the way back in 2016 but it since disappeared from the spotlight and, frankly, we’d forgotten all about it. But now it’s back with some big improvements.

The original version of Vox Machinae used a gamepad but developer Space Bullet has now added in hand-controls, as you can see in the first trailer in well over a year. It may have been a long wait but the game’s still looking well-polished; robotic mechs duke it out on barren planets. Players sit in the cockpits of their war machines and hunt for enemies to take out.

Hand controls look like they’ll provide a more realistic cockpit experience; at points in the trailer you can see the player activate panels by reaching out and touching them, and then celebrating victory in the same way that every VR player does (by dancing). It sounds like standard gamepad support will still be included.

If you like the look of the game then good news; you might be able to play it in February. Space Bullet is planning to host playtest sessions early next month and you can sign up here for a chance to take part.

There’s still no actual release date, though Vox Machinae will be compatible with both standard displays and VR headsets (final platforms remain unannounced though Rift is still a safe bet).

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