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VR Fitness Company YUR Launches Quest Beta To Help Track Calories

VR Fitness Company YUR Launches Quest Beta To Help Track Calories

Virtual Reality fitness company YUR are releasing an app for the Oculus Quest that will help you track calories while using any of the device’s games or apps.

Previously, the YUR fitness tracking software has been integrated with select games on PC VR platforms, including official integration with Synth Riders and Beat Saber through mod support. However, the company’s new app for Oculus Quest is not restricted to any games in particular, and will work system-wide on any games or apps you have installed on your device.

The app launches today in beta, however it’s not available on the Oculus Store – it will only be available for installation via SideQuest. SideQuest is frequently used by Quest owners to install or modify games and apps that are not officially approved by Facebook for the Oculus Store. Most notably, this includes Beat Saber mod and custom song support, along with an alternative version of the Virtual Desktop app that allows you to stream PC VR games.

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YUR’s patent-pending software will track how many calories you burn while using your Quest, which you can view in the Quest YUR app or via the new YUR mobile companion app. The companion app also launches in beta today on Android and iOS devices, and will allow you to sync your YUR data to Apple Health and Google Fit.

YUR was co-founded by Cix Liv, the founder of mixed reality capture company LIV, and Dilan Shah, formerly of Virtually Live. The company has a Discord community with over 5,400 members, where you can discuss active VR, YUR integration, alongside other general fitness topics like nutrition and health progress.

Today, YUR also announced that they have secured $1.1 million in pre-seed funding from investors, including The Venture Reality Fund and BoostVC. Hopefully this means the Quest app is just the start, and more YUR integration is coming to multiple VR platforms in the near future.

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