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Meta Horizon Worlds Now Has A 'Survivor' Island

Meta Horizon Worlds Now Has A 'Survivor' Island

Survivor: Horizon Island brings the CBS series to Meta's Horizon Worlds.

Developed between Albyon, VR in Review and Well Played Studios, Survivor: Horizon Island sees Meta and CBS collaborating to celebrate the TV series' 46th season. Guided by Survivor's host and executive producer, Jeff Probst, you can tackle challenges alone or join up with others. While the event page isn't live yet, here's the trailer:

Once you've arrived, Survivor: Horizon Island tasks you with competing in "classic Survivor challenges," letting you fish for food, maintain a fire, collect idols and form alliances. Whoever reaches the end at the final Tribal Council will earn points toward the Sole Survivor leaderboard. If you play again, you'll also climb the “most Survivor world days completed” leaderboard.

Survivor: Horizon Island is only accessible to Quest and Rift users the United States and Canada.

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