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Microsoft's Internal Turmoil & Meta's Reality Labs Revenue -- VR News Discussion

Microsoft's Internal Turmoil & Meta's Reality Labs Revenue -- VR News Discussion

The platform wars may be entering a new era as Microsoft and Meta gear up for the next generation of computing in very different ways.

Tune in today at 10 am Pacific as David Heaney and Ian Hamilton discuss the latest news live from virtual reality on the VR Download!

We’ll be discussing any late-breaking news as well as the latest report of internal turmoil at Microsoft as its strategy in mixed reality seems a bit unfocused. Microsoft is investing big in gaming acquisitions like Activision Blizzard, and last we heard testing is still planned for Microsoft’s HoloLens-based AR gear for the U.S. military. Still, what’s next for Microsoft in VR and AR?

We’ll also dig into Meta Platforms first-ever earnings report where it broke out revenue and costs from the Reality Labs division responsible for VR and AR technology like Quest 2, and discuss what the company’s new Interaction software development kit means for developers.

Tune into our show live on YouTube where we can see your comments in our virtual reality studio. Right now we’re using the latest avatars from Meta along with expressive hand tracking in a Unity app built for standalone VR by Heaney, and we love seeing questions from people who are learning about VR! If you miss us live, you can catch the show at the link below or listen in on your favorite platform by asking your virtual assistant to play “The VR Download podcast”.

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