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VR Cover Black Friday Sale Offers Discounts On Quest 2 Accessories

VR Cover Black Friday Sale Offers Discounts On Quest 2 Accessories

VR Cover’s Black Friday sale is now live, offering discounts on comfort accessories for Meta Quest 2 headsets and more.

One of the longest-running accessory companies for VR headsets, VR Cover is discounting its range of facial interfaces, controller grips, custom headstraps and more. While VR Cover’s range does include some accessories for other headsets such as the Reverb G2 and Pico Neo Link 3, the majority is now geared towards Quest 2 (though VR Cover tells us there’s more products in the works for other recent headsets, so keep an eye out).

If you’re looking for a replacement for your headset’s facial interface (the part of the headset that rests against your skin, between the lenses and your forehead), then VR Cover offer a variety of options, including foam and silicone models in different colours and designs. Custom facial interfaces are great if you’re using VR at high intensity, allowing you to swap out a sweaty interface with a fresh one, or if you’re worried about hygiene while passing a headset from user to user.

There’s also controller grips to protect your Touch controller from damage, as well as lens covers to keep the headset lenses protected from light when not in use. Likewise, there’s also a number of custom headstraps for Quest 2 available from VR Cover, which are good for those looking to upgrade from the default included strap.

The Black Friday discounts range from 10% up to 30% off, depending on the item. The sale is running now, available until November 29 at 7am EST. You can check out the full range of VR Cover accessories here.

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