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HTC Invites Developers To Viveport Subscriptions With Q4 Rev Share

HTC Invites Developers To Viveport Subscriptions With Q4 Rev Share

HTC is pushing its Viveport subscription service this holiday season, hoping to attract developers with an offer of “100% net revenue” as the company goes after both Vive and Rift owners.

It can be costly to take a chance on new VR apps that you’re not sure if you’re going to play. That’s the main selling point of the latest Viveport subscription plan, which offers access to five titles you can swap out each month for others. There’s a free trial and it is around $9 per month. Recently, HTC added formal Rift support to its Viveport subscription so that developers could reach players who have those headsets and might be more willing to impulse download an unusual title through a subscription than to pay a large up front cost for the game on its own.

Last year, HTC said it offered developers 100 percent of revenue for all titles on Viveport in Q4, during the busiest shopping season of the year. This year, though, HTC said it was only offering a “100% net revenue share for all titles in Viveport Subscription.”

The company says it has 500 titles in its subscription library now, though only a fraction of those will have Rift support. The are certainly some gems among the titles available in Viveport Subscription with more being added on an ongoing basis.

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