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Ven VR Adventure Brings 90s Inspired Platforming To PSVR 2

Vem VR Adventure PSVR 2 Artwork

Ven VR Adventure, a 90’s inspired platformer from Monologic Games, makes its return on PSVR 2.

Developed by Monologic Games, Ven VR Adventure first appeared on PC VR nearly three years before coming to Quest. Now, it's heading for PSVR 2. Monologic revealed the news last month and Ven's return is now even more official with a PlayStation Store listing. Judging by the page, plans for a PSVR port have seemingly been dropped. We've reached out to the developer for clarification.

Inspired by Crash Bandicoot, Ven VR Adventure plays like Astro Bot Rescue Mission and Moss. You interact with the titular character via a separate entity, a nameless intergalactic police officer that controls his movement. With Ven's home world invaded by Bruce Nelson, you're tasked with defeating this mad scientist.

We enjoyed Ven VR Adventure in our Rift review. While we criticized its "occasionally unbalanced challenge," we still considered it a "rock-solid platformer."

Ven doesn’t have the intimate connection of Moss nor the constant innovation of Astro Bot, but it stands its ground as a rock-solid platformer that serves up a rewarding, if occasionally unbalanced challenge. It is, admittedly, nice to have something to play inside VR that can lean back on the tried and true mechanics of a third-person platformer.

Ven VR Adventure doesn't have a confirmed release window on PSVR 2. We've contacted Monologic Games and will update this article if we learn more.

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