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New Ven Quest 2 Gameplay Revealed, Currently Undergoing Oculus Certification

New Ven Quest 2 Gameplay Revealed, Currently Undergoing Oculus Certification

The developers behind Ven VR Adventure shared some new footage of the game running on Quest 2. The VR platformer released for PC VR late last year and is now undergoing certification at Oculus for release on the Quest platform.

As you can see in the video embedded above, the game looks like it measures up well on Quest headsets. In the post title, the developers said that certification with Oculus was in progress and they were working on a small amount of bugs. Despite these, the developers feel they’re “on a very good way for release.”

Back in May, the developers shared a similar but shorter video of gameplay on Quest 2 that used the headset’s increased hardware capabilities to include dynamic shadows. It looks like the same dynamic shadows are also in use in the 30 seconds of new footage above, giving it quite a polished look for a Quest title.

The estimated release date for Ven on Quest is around Q3 of this year, so sometime between now and September. We reviewed the game on Rift when it released on the Oculus Store last December. We found it to be a good platformer, but maybe not one that necessarily benefited from using the VR medium over a traditional flat screen. It’s not quite the next Moss or Astro Bot, but it “stands its ground” as a platformer nonetheless. You can read our full review here.

Ven VR Adventure is slated for release this Summer for Oculus Quest — keep an eye out for more news on a release date soon.

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