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UploadVR Winter Showcase: Dozens Of VR Devs Share The Latest On IGN & SideQuest

UploadVR Winter Showcase: Dozens Of VR Devs Share The Latest On IGN & SideQuest

The VR development community answered UploadVR’s call for entries showcasing new VR content with dozens of videos sent to us over the last couple weeks.

On December 6, kicking off at 10am Pacific simulcast on both IGN and UploadVR, the UploadVR Winter Showcase will feature a jam-packed series of world premiere eye-catching entries for new and updated VR games.

We won’t share the surprises yet, but we have brand new trailers running the gamut from adorable to funny to horrifying and everything in between. At the top of the hour after the showcase ends, we’ll kick off our live Aftershow with a whole lot more VR games we couldn’t fit into the main event. Unlike the Showcase, the Aftershow will be broadcast and recorded live!

This is our chance to shine a spotlight on a lot of really interesting work in VR in a format where we can highlight the depth of work being done to bring breakthrough VR experiences to people everywhere. For the Aftershow, we’ve got a long list of really cool things to talk about, including games that have grown from SideQuest to full release, the 111th update to platinum-selling PC VR game H3VR, the innovative just-released multiplayer experience Davigo, as well as some incredible new songs with a cool new mode coming to Smash Drums.

We’ll also be highlighting interesting questions from our audience for the live discussion, so please tune in if there’s anything you’re curious about in VR.

Banter & SideQuest Indie Spotlight

Did you know the folks who make SideQuest are building a social networking service to compete with VRChat? It’s called Banter and we just wrote about it. While we hope folks are setting up watch parties in other social services like Bigscreen too, SideQuest is setting up Banter for the day to have both the Showcase and Aftershow running in rooms there. So you can even check out this Showcase in social VR ahead of SideQuest’s own Indie Spotlight kicking off at 2pm Pacific time, highlighting 15 of their top indie picks from the last 6 months.

You can download Banter here to check it out, or check back with or IGN on Dec. 6 starting at 10 am Pacific!

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